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About Me
ASW (anti submarine warfare) in 5 minutes
main overhaul 2022
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Welcome to my F341 Web site!

Hello my name is Carl Nielsen and I am from Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

A couple of years ago I set out to learn to draw in 3D, I started with the rudder of the Danish frigate, because it was dual-acting, and continued with the rest of the ship.

I am an engineer, and have worked with many different topics from underwater acoustics, noise and vibration monitoring systems for ships, been designer and project manager on the world's best measuring system with in sound and vibration, Lan-xi from Brel & Kjr.

Now I work with the green revolution, and design electronics for Lithium Ion batteries for both vehicles and energy storage.

if you have any questions then you can contact me at the following email: cndenmark@gmail.com


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