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How to design an F 341 HDMS Absalon size 1:75 frigate, with ASW capability

This homepage is a description of how to build a scaled model of the F341. The model is designed for ASW, as I expect the ship to look, after the update with TAS and ATAS in a few years.

Some of the drawings is done in scale 1:1 and afterworth scaled to what I can manage in my 3D printer 1:75, equal to a total model length of around 2 meters (78 inch). Other parts are designed directly in a 1:75 scale.

All the material used to design the model, is public, and the internal parts are optimized for use with small servo motors. The internal "hidden" parts are not identical to the original ship.

I have emphasized that all essential parts can be controlled (moved) via an RC remote control system. (guns, radar, TAS system, gates, RIB, rudder, bow propeller, etc.)

During 2022, the frigate F341, has undergone a significant update, stability has been improved and close in defense capability has been enhanced with the installation of a Laser CIWS (see main overhaul 2022)

Information and link to the real world

F341_scale model

I can receive telemetry data from the ship, e.g. power consumption on main engines as well as battery data. In addition, it is possible to receive video from the ship in the sailing direction via a separate 5.8 GHz link.

.close-ups of the bridge


Pictures from the first test sailing in a lake

The first thing I drew was all frames, the outer contour is given, but the inside must be adapted to all the parts that will later be built into the ship. 

It is very difficult to wait to 3D print the parts that you have already drawn, but everything has to be thought through, otherwise there is a good chance that you will have to draw it all over again.

I use "PETG" as the standard 3D material because it is very strong, and fairly easy to use.

The disadvantage of using PETG is that it is very difficult to glue on, so I usually use a solvent. (Methylenchlorid) CH2Cl2 - and of course with the necessary respiratory protection

The upper part of the ship are coated with 1.5 mm ABS

ABS is wonderfully easy to use because you can "melt" ABS together with PETG by using a suitable solvent.

The picture has a link to a small film

The picture has a link to a small film, (continuation of construction of the hull)

The rudder was a lot of fun to draw, because it is double acting where the outer part rotates much more than the inner part. The center of the two axes is offset from each other. It required 6 interactions before it worked satisfactorily. See the two drawings and animation if you click on the image.


Then I started drawing each frame, with room for sonar, main motors, gearbox, batteries, servos, etc.


Design of cannons, the main cannon is a 5 "127mm and then the F341 also has two 35mm CIWS (Close in Wepon System)

starting point is 2d Drawings from the manufacturer BAE Systems, then I replaced the inside to fit two small servomotors for horizontal and vertical rotation.

In the small 35mm cannon there is only room for one horizontal servo.

more information on 35mm CIWS   Technical data (PDF)

Click on the picture to see a small video

F341 Specification

this is a comparison between the real ship and the model


On the rudder you can see that the parts are 3D printed, even though the reading is better than 0.15mm

Click on the picture to see a small video


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